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St. Croix is a U.S.A. port of entry. (Currently the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are exempted from the mandatory passport rule when traveling directly between the mainland and the US Territories. Passports ARE REQUIRED for travel into and out of any other island or other foreign country.) As such, all aircraft must conform to the following rules and regulations of the U.S. Customs Service:


Important Note: All foreign private/charter/corporate flight arrivals must file an EAPIS - and upon arrival have the filing number handy or a copy of the actual EAPIS.

One (1) Hour Notice of Arrival (Customs open 0600 to 1800 Local - after hours only by special pre-approval before 1700 and with an overtime fee)
Two (2) Customs General Declarations
Personal Customs Declarations Form 6059B (Crew & Pax)
Private Aircraft Form 178
Immigration Form I-92
Aircraft Registration
Pilot's License and Medical
Aircraft Customs Decal Number Pre-Clearance (See attached U.S. Customs Service memorandum re: Pre-clearance regulations.)

One (1) Hour Notification - Provided by Bohlke International Airways when requested. (Note Customs hours above - no Pre-Clearance after hours.)

Three (3) Customs General Declarations
Personal Customs Declaration Form 6059B (Crew and Pax)
Private Aircraft form 178
Aircraft Registration
Pilot's License & Medical
Aircraft Customs Decal Number

* Pre-Clearance rule of FL180 does not apply to flights pre-clearing to Puerto Rico.

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