Bohlke is Now a Certified Permagard Applicator

In November 2021, two of our team members became certified Permagard® applicators, making Bohlke the only certified Permagard facility in the Caribbean. Miguel and Dante spent four days training on Citation Bravo, the aircraft used for AeroMD flights.

Permagard is a coating that leaves a deep gloss that is slick to the touch. The coating rejuvenates, seals and protects all painted external surfaces. The end result is an optimized and stunning aircraft.

What is Permagard?

Permagard is a protective coating designed to meet the high-standards of the aerospace, marine, and automotive industries. The products are developed to seal all painted and gel coated surfaces, creating the famous Permagard “wet-look” effect. Permagard is a one-time initial application, followed by a maintenance program of annual deep cleaning and conditioning treatments.

Benefits include ease of maintenance, stunning appearance, and long lifespan of coated surfaces, which can translate into significant savings for the aircraft owner.

  • Asset Protection: Permagard’s reactive polymer and UV filtering technology protects aircraft paint against fading and oxidation. This maintains the paint’s original aesthetic brilliance, in addition to extending and prolonging the life of the paint, reducing the need for repaints.
  • Reduction in Downtime: Permagard’s unique polymer gloss spectrum design reacts with the painted surface to produce an incredibly high gloss, low friction permanent coating. This protective coating dramatically reduces cleaning time and costs, by reducing the frequency and ground time required for washes.
  • Performance Enhancement: Permagard has been proven to reduce parasitic drag on both commercial and business jets, thereby reducing engine cruise power settings, ultimately saving fuel.

Here are before and after photos of Citation Bravo:

Are you an aircraft owner or manager who would like to invest in Permagard for your asset? Contact Bill Kraft at for more information.