Children First St. Croix Park in Frederiksted

Bohlke is proud to be a Silver sponsor of the future Children First St. Croix Park in Frederiksted. This is an endeavor of a group of residents to rehabilitate and improve the Midre Cummings Playground located across from Fort Frederik and Frederiksted Beach.

The park is being designed by Play By Design, an organization that partners with community volunteers to produce custom-designed play structures for toddlers, preschool, and school-aged children. Goals of the project are:

  • Deepening community engagement and investment in local public spaces.
  • Developing a destination park that draws visitors from other parts of the island,
  • contributing to the economic development of the Frederiksted area.
  • Creating a safe play space dedicated to children of all abilities.
  • Creating a space for community members to gather, socialize and even exercise.

The children of St. Croix drew pictures and were interviewed by Play By Design to help design the park. The design includes two age-appropriate play areas (baby & toddlers and 5-12 years). In addition to several traditional pieces of equipment, there are also unique historical and cultural elements, including a Taino Village and a merchant ship. A highlight of the plan is a meandering path designed as a road meant for walking, bike riding and skateboards. The park will also feature exercise stations for adults and plenty of gathering space.

Children First St. Croix is 100% funded by private donations and will be built 100% by volunteers — a HUGE undertaking! It is scheduled to be built in November 2021 and the target budget is $500,000. They are seeking hundreds of volunteers and donations. If you would like to join Bohlke in supporting this worthwhile project, email or donate now.