First All-Female Flight

Capt. Marian and First Officer Margarita made company history by becoming the first all-female crew at the company on November 5, 2021. Their flight was from St. Croix to Florida for AeroMD, provider of medical transport and aeromedical services.

In addition to the all-female flight crew, the flight medical team and comms dispatcher were also all women. This is a significant milestone for the industry and our company, and we look forward to many more female-led flights.

AeroMD flight nurse, Cari Baun, posted the above photo on Facebook and said, “I am so happy and proud to work with such amazing, professional, competent women!”

About AeroMD

AeroMD offers Caribbean-based, 24/7, dedicated medevac services. Their fleet of aircraft is completely outfitted to serve as flying intensive care units.