Supplemental Services

Bohlke International Aviation provides additional aviation services to compliment our Charter, Aircraft Management and FBO services.

Medical Flights

Part of our mission at Bohlke International Aviation is to help the greater good. Partnerships with Aero MD and LifeLink allow us to play a small role in the life saving work that these organizations do.


Bohlke’s UAS division offers drone data collection for construction, infrastructure and public safety industries. We use best-in-class software and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to gather and process drone collected data into 2D; 3D; orthomosaic; heat; and elevation maps and models. As a leader in the aviation industry, we are determined to provide cutting-edge technologies that increase workflow efficiencies, mitigate risks and drive ROI.

Secure Storage

Bohlke International Aviation has storage space to accommodate all shapes and sizes of aircraft, from small to large cabin. Our secured hangar and tarmac space is outfitted with state-of-the-art security cameras to give you 24/7 peace of mind and protection.

Aircraft Sales

With more than 60 years of experience, Bohlke is well-connected in the aviation industry. Our team of professional pilots and owners understand the business inside and out, and are prepared to assist you with valuation and negotiation in the sale of your aircraft.


Bohlke is the only certified Permagard facility in the Caribbean. Permagard is a coating that leaves a deep gloss that is slick to the touch. The coating rejuvenates, seals and protects all painted external surfaces. The end result is an optimized and stunning aircraft. Read about Permagard’s Permanence-Protection-Performance and contact Bill Kraft at for more information.

Superior FBO aviation services

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