Increased efficiency, decreased risk

Bohlke International Airways UAS division offers drone data collection for construction, infrastructure and public safety industries. We use best-in-class software and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to gather and process drone collected data into 2D; 3D; orthomosaic; heat; and elevation; maps and models. As a leader in the aviation industry, we are determined to help customers embrace cutting-edge technologies that increase workflow efficiencies, mitigate risks and drive ROI.


We offer drone data collection to construction, infrastructure, and public safety industries. Our drone data collection is a three-part method: collect, process, deliver


We collect drone data by conducting a UAS flight mission that consists of:

• Visiting the job site

• Planning a map flight or progress report flight

• Flying our Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

• Capturing high-quality aerial images and data


We process the data we collect through our best-in-class software, which generates 2D; 3D; orthomosaic; heat; and elevation; maps and models:

• Import drone data to our software

• Process the drone data into usable maps and models

• Determine which types of drone data are most useful to our client


We deliver this data to our client, via their industry standard:

• Collaborate with clients on data type and formats that best serve their uses

• Export and send via myriad of file formats (.obj .las .geotiff .xyz .dxf .shp)

• CAD files, roofing reports, construction progress reports, etc. are examples of some of our export functionalities

For more details on our drone data collection services, please contact us at 

+1 340.778.9177.


Drone data collection is utilized in a variety of industries. Its benefits are most widely known and used in construction, infrastructure, and public safety. Some examples of current use cases are:


• Early planning/prospective projects

• Progress reporting, tracking dates and completion

• Estimating cut/fill

• Determining earth work progress

• Overlaying plans, comparing BIM models

• Marketing projects


• Inspections

• Transportation networks/planning

• Solar fields, telecommunication towers, power lines

• Maintenance & scheduling

• 3D models and renders of physical assets


• Commercial lending progress data


• Damage assessment

• Roof reports


• Disaster preparedness

• Disaster response

• Firefighting

• Surveillance

• Search and rescue


At Bohlke International Airways, all of our UAS assignments are conducted with safety as a top priority. Our experienced UAS pilots are qualified, trained and part-107 certified to operate an Unmanned Aircraft System. We are FAA compliant, licensed and fully insured. Our in-house technical staff is efficient and equipped with the right resources to process and deliver your data within hours. For more details on our drone data collection services, please contact us at +1 340.778.9177.